And now, a recall petition against Gov. Baham Mitra   Leave a comment

We’ve been hearing reports about a signature campaign to oust Gov. Abraham Mitra for several months now so this was wasn’t really news anymore. The only strange thing was that the lobby group Kilusan Love Malampaya filed the recall petition, which was widely known to be the handiwork of local officials allied with a losing politician.

We wonder, will this be as successful as the recall of former Puerto Princesa Mayor and now 2nd District Rep. Dennis Socrates in 2002? Back then, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Mayor Edward Hagedorn, effectively stretching his successive terms to 20 years by 2013, disrupted only by the brief tenure of Socrates.

Socrates and Hagedorn are currently on the same side of the political fence. Strange bedfellows, surely.

As for KLM, it’s sad to see this advocacy group against corruption being rather selective when pointing out who allegedly gained from the natural wealth of Palawan. If these people had been more encompassing in their actions, then it would have been easier for them to win more support from the public.


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