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So why was Palawan broadcaster’s daughter kidnapped?   Leave a comment

On the same day a recall protest against Palawan Gov. Abraham Mitra was filed, the daughter of radio commentator Louie Larosa was kidnapped in Puerto Princesa City. Strange coincidence? Or is it another one of those mysterious goings-on in the city that will never be fully explained?

According to media reports, Larosa’s 17-year old daughter was taken by still unidentified abductors from an eatery in front of the Palawan State University campus in Tiniguiban, where she is a Hotel and Restaurant Management student, at around 10 a.m. last Sept. 16.

The same evening, she was freed somewhere along Manalo street. Local sources say she was seen conferring with a government official soon after her release, and reportedly said the van was supposed to have taken her to a northern town.

We are looking forward to more clarity about this story in the days ahead.


Two views on the Ortega case   Leave a comment

Like many of the friends of Gerry Ortega, we are closely following the reports about the progress of the case. Two recent columns caught our attention.

Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod wrote about what she considered “a farcical probe” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Basically, she is questioning the resolution of the first DOJ panel that investigated the case, and is inclined to believe the conventional wisdom about the alleged mastermind in the killing.

Meanwhile, Alfred “Krip” Yuson of the Philippine Star is convinced about the innocence of ex-Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes, apparently his long-time drinking buddy, whom the DOJ panel cleared with finality.

The story doesn’t end there though. DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima has ordered a reinvestigation and constituted a new panel that will admit additional evidence in the case. The legal implications are still confusing, but nonetheless, we are one with Gerry’s supporters in our desire to ferret out the truth about this cowardly killing of one of Palawan’s most sincere community leaders.